Safe Delivery Plan

'Safe delivery' means proper control of the risks to the health and safety of persons whose safety might be put at risk by the delivery process.

Sufficient planning for a safe delivery should therefore take place to ensure that materials can be safely unloaded on site, as well as for the identification of the practical precautions necessary during the un/loading procedure. In this regard, and in fulfilling its duty of care and responsibility, Righton has set out a series of site rules for suppliers to observe when planning and completing their deliveries to any of the Righton Service Centres.

These site rules set out the required safety arrangements, layouts for each site, and systems of work to be observed in order to ensure that a safe delivery can be completed. In this regard, suppliers are required to download and review the relevant site rules instructions (via adjacent links), and use the information to adequately plan their delivery to site.

NOTE: Where the supplier is not the haulier, it shall still have the responsibility for ensuring that the information is flowed down to the relevant delivery agent who are undertaking delivery to site on its behalf.

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