Product Forms


PVC foam provides the optimum surface finish for all types of processing in the sign, display and print industries. Rigid PVC can be easily machine formed and welded and is suitable for POS, wall cladding & chemical apparatus.

Foam Sheet - Matt Finish

material that is versatile, lightweight, fire retardant, durable and with a flawless finish. Offering unlimited options for the sign, display & print industries.

Sheet - Gloss Finish

For endless applications in the sign, display & fabrication industries. Few other materials are as versatile or can be transformed in so many ways, bringing on a third dimension to this flat sheet product.

Integral Foam Sheet

The smooth surfaced celuka-foamed sheet. A foam sheet made of a highly durable outer layer with excellent working properties.


A solid uPVC sheet with a homogenous, smooth and glossy surface finish. Ideal for both internal and external applications.

Rigid White PVC Marvec - Bio

Hygienic PVC sheet with antibacterial technology that provides a dual biostatic and biocidal action which is 99.9% effective in stopping bacteria growth and killing bacteria on the sheet.

Anti Static Foam Sheet

The ultimate anti-static foam PVC sheet specially developed to counteract the effects of static electricity.

Foamalux Ultra

Cost effective and environmentally friendly composite foam PVC sheet.,