Special Steels

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S80 is a 16% chromium stainless steel modified by the addition of nickel in the British Standard Aerospace series of alloys. It is used where higher mechanical properties than 410 are required and where corrosive conditions are not too severe. S80 is one of the most corrosion resistant grades of martensitic stainless steels, displaying excellent strength and toughness, resistance to stress corrosion and oxidisation up to 8000 C.


S130 is an austenitic 18/9 chromium-nickel stainless steel in the British Standard Aerospace series of alloys. It is used for heavy welded assemblies which cannot be annealed after welding, where corrosive conditions are severe in aircraft parts and also in the defence and high technology industries.


S143 is a precipitation hardening, aerospace grade stainless steel and it combines high mechanical strength with moderate to good corrosion resistance in a variety of media. It is used for mechanical components in aerospace and defence and high-tech mechanical applications.


Righton Specialist Markets

The rapid growth of our client base, including FTSE 100 companies from more safety critical markets including, defence, aerospace, marine, oil & gas, energy and nuclear has led to the creation of more distinct divisions within Righton, which offer specialist product and industry knowledge to support the vision and strategic requirements of our customers.