Phosphor & Leaded Bronze

Product Forms


Phosphor bronze, available in both wrought and cast form are specified throughout many engineering industries as their inherent characteristics make them ideal materials in many applications where load and durability are key.

Phosphor bronze possesses excellent wear resistance and strength placing it in high demand when specifying material for heavy duty components such as shafts, bearings and gears.

In Wrought product Righton stocks both PB102 and the Naval specification DEFSTAN 02-838 which has full ultrasonic testing as standard.

Phosphor bronze is also available as sheet, plate, continuous cast bar, centrifugally cast rings and continuous cast hollow & bespoke section. Please contact your local service centre for more details.

Leaded bronzes & gunmetals offer better machining characteristics than that of other bronzes whilst maintaining a good balance of corrosion resistance and strength. Available in cast form only, Righton is able to offer materiall supplied in many internationally recognised standards for use in applications such as bushes and bearings.


Righton Specialist Markets

The rapid growth of our client base, including FTSE 100 companies from more safety critical markets including, defence, aerospace, marine, oil & gas, energy and nuclear has led to the creation of more distinct divisions within Righton, which offer specialist product and industry knowledge to support the vision and strategic requirements of our customers.