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Brasses are copper alloys in which the main alloying element is zinc. The generic term “brass” covers a wide range of materials suitable for many different types of applications.

Characteristics of Brass

  • Good corrosion resistance
  • Good machinability & formability
  • Good conductivity
  • Toughness at all temperatures
  • Good spark resistance
  • Low magnetic permeability

Gilding brasses

Contain 10 - 20% zinc and are used for architectural metal work, paper making, jewellery strip and applications requiring suitability for brazing and enamelling.

Cartridge brasses

Contain 30% zinc, have the maximum ductility of the copper-zinc range and are used for deep drawing.

Common brass

Contains 36% zinc and is the most usual composition used for brass sheet.

Free machining brass

Contains 39% zinc and is the standard alloy against which machinability of other alloys has been judged.


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