Aluminium Bronze


Aluminium Bronzes offer a combination of chemical and mechanical properties recognising them as a versatile high strength, corrosion resistant alloys suitable for an extensive range of applications in seawater and many other corrosive media.

Available in both wrought and cast product form, Righton is able to offer the full scope of product forms to the majority of international standards from one of the largest stock ranges available throughout the UK.

Righton recognise the demand for unique characteristics of bespoke customer specifications and are able to modify standards through heat treatment, mechanical and non destructive testing to release materials in accordance with the requirements of the Naval Defence, Aerospace and Oil & Gas industries.

Aluminium bronze is also available in sheet, plate, forgings, centrifugally cast rings and continuous cast solid, hollow and sections. Please contact your local service centre for more details.


Righton Specialist Markets

The rapid growth of our client base, including FTSE 100 companies from more safety critical markets including, defence, aerospace, marine, oil & gas, energy and nuclear has led to the creation of more distinct divisions within Righton, which offer specialist product and industry knowledge to support the vision and strategic requirements of our customers.